Introducing Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups

Meet our Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. A delicious snack-sized portion of microwave popcorn, wrapped in a fun package, that is ideal for any snacking occasion. Perfect for the mid-day munchies, an after school snack, late night eats, or any popportunity that may arise.

Our Pop Cups are a combination of raw Opopop kernels, paired with a mouthwatering flavor core. Simply choose your flavor, then peel, pour and pop to create a delectably flavored popcorn snack.

New to Opopop? We recommend a Pop Cups Discovery Kit, which includes 12 pop cups (3 of each flavor) and our awesome microwave popcorn popper.

Already an Opopop pro? Go for our choose your own adventure 4-pack and pick any 4 flavors to make a combo pack of 12 pop cups.

What are you waiting for? Get snacking! 

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