Hi, We’re Opopop

We’re on a mission to liberate you from boring popcorn. With unexpected flavors, new ways to pop, and a complete reinvention of your favorite snack, we make delicious popcorn optimized for eating.

welcome to the popcorn revolution.

It’s really
that good.

We take flavor very seriously.

Our team of flavor experts have created a delicious collection for you to enjoy. Each one has been meticulously developed to deliver the perfect balance of intensity, complexity and harmony. trust us, your mouth will never be bored.

Tiny Kernels.
Huge Flavor.

flavor wrapped™ kernels

Supremely Snackable.

peel + pour popcorn cups

The Official Bowl of Deliciousness.

Perfect flavor deserves the perfect bowl.

Every microwave is different. To achieve our popping standards, we had to create one vessel that could handle a range of microwave environments. Our engineers have tested, optimized, and tested some more to create the perfect popper that delivers the best popping experience possible each and every time. made for eating by the faceful.

inch by inch, row by row.

We love each and every one of our kernels equally. No favorites.
That’s why each seed is skillfully planted, nurtured, harvested and combined with premium ingredients to bring you a flavorful, guilt-free snack. From seed to pop, this popcorn never leaves our sight. Obsessed much? Definitely, but we’ll take that as a compliment.

Our commitment starts with the seeds we plant, the soil it grows in, and the climate where it thrives.

Each plant is raised under the watchful eye of our farming family and is nurtured to perfection.

We do all this to ensure that at no point does our product ever leave the custody of our team.

We grow every kernel of our popcorn to ensure that all Opopop kernels are sourced with love.

go on, treat yourself

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