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Snackity Snack. Don’t Talk Smack.


Our peel + pour popcorn cups are a supremely snackable surprise in a mix of flavors. These cute cups are the perfect size for after school, mid-day munchies, or any popportunity that may arise. it’s your lucky day.


salty caramel

A bunch of caramel flavored crunch. This could be one of our best flavors ever. A perfect balance of sweet and rich caramel matched with a savory salty flair makes this an instant hit. The only risk is that you are going to want more.

lightly salted

It might be simple, but it’s far from basic. Just like your favorite jeans, Lightly Salted popcorn never goes out of style. We use extra, extra fine salt, which means every kernel has the perfect amount of savory goodness. Trust us, this will hit the spot every time.

vanilla vanilla

It’s vanilla flavored. It’s vanilla flavored. :) Don't let anyone tell you that vanilla = boring. Our Vanilla Vanilla delivers yum in your tum flavor that's just the right amount of sweet. Goldilocks would approve.

like buddahh

Stream worthy butter flavored deliciousness. Netflix and chill anyone? Like Buddahh tastes just like it sounds - aaahhhmazing. Stream it straight to your mouth. No wifi necessary.

Non-GMO + Gluten-Free + Recyclable

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