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tiny Kernels Wrapped in big Flavor.


We're obsessed with pushing the boundaries to achieve popcorn perfection. And you'll taste the difference in every bite. Through our proprietary flavor delivery process, we're able to reimagine classic flavors and create unexpected new combinations so good that you'll be mad at every other popcorn you've eaten. - go on, treat yourself.



The Reviews Are In:

Opopop is SO good! It was delivered to me so fast & it was so easy to use. Simple clean up & the taste? AMAZING! I’ll definitely be getting Opopop again!

- Madeline

The Reviews Are In:

If your family loves popcorn as much as we do, you have GOT to check this out!! The flavors are AMAZING, and we love the easy-to-use bowl. It’s also super easy to wash which is key because we are making this popcorn pretty much every day!!

- Brooke

The Reviews Are In:

The flavor blows me away. I’ve never had popcorn like this before. I love the variety of flavors and how easy it is to clean up by just tossing the bowl in the dishwasher after I’m done. This takes popcorn to a whole new level for me.

- Cam

The Reviews Are In:

It's official... we are obsessed with Opopop popcorn! The flavors are amazing all wrapped around each kernel. And with the fast shipping, I never worry about running out!

- Danielle

The Reviews Are In:

I was getting tired of eating the same boring popcorn flavors until I found Opopop! The flavor wrapping technology is a complete game changer and I’m never going back to greasy microwave popcorn bags ever again!

- Nancy


Our Discovery Kits are a great way to begin your quest for perfect popcorn. It’s the perfect way to try all of our flavors so you can find your favorites. your mouth can thank us later.


Because popcorn in the AM is totally a thing. No one can tell you not to eat popcorn for breakfast. And when it comes in the flavor of a sweet cinnamon roll, how could you not? This is how Opopop wakes up.

maui heat

Hot like lava. Sweet like pineapple. Sweet, savory, and totally spicy. The island vibes come from sweet pineapple, and we bring the heat with cayenne and smoked paprika. A true professional wouldn’t be afraid to put it on pizza.

birthday cake

Who doesn't love a face full of cake? Popcorn has never had it this good. We've spoiled our kernels with layers of vanilla cakey goodness to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pop a candle on top and call it a day.

fancy butter

Pure buttery flavored perfection. This is the OG. The benchmark. The liquid gold standard. The one you love. The perfect combination of savory, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. This is hot, fresh, butter-flavored popcorn, just as it should be. Respect.

salted umami

Can’t stop eating it, don’t know why. Umami. The elusive, mystery taste you’ve probably heard about on Top Chef. It’s savory. It’s salty. It’s for people who go hard on the main course and skip the dessert. It’s called Oo-ma-mee and we think it’s oh-so-delicious.


Cheezy and spicy and everything nicey. Our cheese-flavored popcorn gets a kick in the hypothetical pants by its tried and true friend, the jalapeño. It’s a little dangerous, but you already knew that.

Non-GMO + Gluten-Free + No Sugar Added

The Official Bowl of Deliciousness.

Perfect flavor deserves the perfect bowl.

Every microwave is different. To achieve our popping standards, we had to create one vessel that could handle a range of microwave environments. Our engineers have tested, optimized, and tested some more to create the perfect popper that delivers the best popping experience possible each and every time. made for eating by the faceful.

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